Friday, 26 October 2007

This weeks junk

Isnt it beautiful - found this little set in a charity shop and had to have it. Been hording lots of funky vintage stuff recently but i really have no where to put it and as this is a coffee pot and i dont like coffee it wont even be used :( The set is from the midwinter range and the pattern is called roselle and is from the 60s. It turns out its quite common and you can get a whole range of kitchen stuff in the pattern so might have to stop myself buying more of it on ebay.


one wining wench said...

ITS SOOOOO CUTE! I love it. very jealous... is that secret stuff or town stuff??

Angeleen said...

No coffee, eh?

Tea, then?

Hot spiced cider?

Hot cocoa?

That set is much too pretty to stand idle. :)

Elora said...

Your right im being very short sighted - whos for a tea party!

Anonymous said...

Its great fun, why not use it for hot chocolate?