Tuesday, 23 October 2007


After seeing the bonnet pattern for sale on Angry Chickens blog I realised what was missing from my life. I buy a hat most winters that i end up hateing or losing so this year im going bonnity.

Well I have run my own personal gauntlet and come out the other side. I have followed my first pattern and although it was very simple and obviously no where near the massive tracing paper monstrosities that I know are out there I have turned out something that looks like a bonnet!

I did have a trial run to try and figure out the instructions which I completely didn’t understand and halfway through ended up with something sewn inside out and upside down but in the process something clicked. Plus my trial run was an excuse to dress up the kitten and has now taken pride of place improving matt’s strange model of a skull that he insists on having in the office.

I had to literally fight with the sewing machine last night to get it finished. It spent the night before being incredibly well behaved until I stupidly remarked how well it was working and that we seemed to have an understanding now. The machine then decided to break thread, needles, and make large knots of thread on the underside of the fabric. I still don’t know what’s wrong with it but I was determined to get this finished last night so I just went through every setting until it decided to behave and sewed very quickly. There are still hundreds of mistakes and wobbles but im hoping no one will look that close and as it’s for me its the triumph that counts.

So here’s the finished result - Its green cord on the outside and white fleece material on the inside to keep my ears warm. I haven't worn it outside yet as its still a little warm and I don’t want to be the only person in a hat but as soon as people start getting their woollens on im there.

My next project, which is what this is about in the first place, is two more bonnets for Matt's sisters twin girls. Looking forward to choosing some cute fabric and ribbons and having another wrestle with the machine.


Angeleen said...

Oh... My... Goodness!

That bonnet is so cute it makes me wish I lived someplace cold so I could have one!

It looks smashing with your beautiful hair and eyes, too!

Good work, Lovely!

Lesley said...

Hello you! Thanks for visiting my blog and I thought I'd better check you out.
Love the bonnet and I empathise with the sewing machine issues. Mine was put away in disgust on Friday & has not been allowed out to play again!
Great to see you are a Wolves girl - I went to uni there '92-'95 - best years of my life. I grew up in Brum and am very curious to know where your fab charity shop is. Those bowls you found are lovely - so groovy.
I love your blog. I mean what more could you want than kittens and bonnets? Only, kittens IN bonnets and you even have that :o)

dottycookie said...

Oooh, that is very cute. I am far too old to get away with one myself but I might try a couple of scaled down little girl ones!

one wining wench said...

OH!!! WOW!! I am soooooo IMPRESSED! Its model perfect! I love it. You really have such a talent! Where have you been hiding it all these years? And the Green is perfect color for you. beautiful. =)

Lina said...

Very cute!