Monday, 8 October 2007

Jive Bunnies

Finally finished my rattling jive bunnies!

Although I did the main body on the sewing machine which is a wonderful invention and can turn out a bunny shape in two minutes I also decided to learn how to blanket stitch and that took me forever. Oh well at least I can say they are hand finished.

So ive been trying to find something simple and safe to make for my boyfriends twin baby nieces and when I was in an incredibly posh toy shop a while ago I came across some similar fabric toys. They were really simple animal shapes with a small rattle inside being sold for extortionate amounts and I immediately decided to steal the idea.

My main problem was what to use for the rattles inside as I kind of assumed I might be able to buy a small rattle for use in crafts but so far I haven’t found anything online. So I went round every charity shop in town shaking toys to see if they rattled and came across a number of old soft toys that were perfect. They had small plastic rattles inside that were presealed and I even sewed them into a separate lining just to be sure. I did feel a bit strange going though boxes of soft toys and shaking them all but I was determined to find something.

I did actually toy with lots of scary ideas before this - like welding plastic milk bottle tops together or wrapping match boxes in duct tape but as I am aware that I don’t want to do damage to the children that I give them to... the recycling option seems by far the safest. So here they are. I’m most pleased with the red one as I think the shape came out best but all in all they are washable, safe and rattle so hopefully they will be loved (or at least chewed on).


dottycookie said...

So cute! I love the little noses. But I'm glad you spared us the details of the donor rattle gutting!

Elora said...

Yes i know I did feel guilty - but i will use the rest of the toy for something and im getting by with the idea that an unloved abandoned toy gets a second chance rather than lanquishing at the bottom of the bargin box.

one wining wench said...

really cute! the red one is my favorite!