Saturday, 25 August 2007


Wanted to show you what ive been working on last week. I adapted the pattern from one i found online as i didnt really know where to start with making soft toys but its very different from the origional cat pattern so im claiming it as my own now. The fabric is sheets found in a charity shop and i will keep my eyes peeled for more as its a cheap source of vintage fabric.
Im happest with the blue and purple ones and feel like i got the size and expressions best on them. Anyway just wanted to post them for comments or suggestions. They do look a little startled but im hoping it works - what you think?

Oh and these two think that sewing is great fun - im constantly having to retrieve my bits of felt or thread from the mouth of a kitten. Good thing they are cute.

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Need some input Renee

Ive been working on these for a while to try and make them look right - im still not sure and when i asked matt he prefered the faces simpler with just the cheeks where as i am leaning towards the ones with the full face- even though they look a tad disapproving. These are two i did last night and ive doctored the second picture so that you can see what i mean by "with just the cheeks"

They are intended for cards and the one on yellow is mounted on a card but im trying to find a way to stop the glue buckleing and also get them right before i make up any more. I was also planning on putting bows under the chin to finish - like this one.

So let me know what you think - that is if you like them at all and if so which variation and any suggestions - will bring them to show you eventually but you know what thats like so thought i would make use of the blog considering i know no one else is reading it at this point.

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Well as this blog is pretty much empty and everything im working on at the moment is in a state of flux - I am having fun with trial and error and hoping it will get me something in the end. Thought i would put up this picture of Fanta as she prepares to kill this poor little toy squeaking mouse. Just love the focus in her eyes and that me running around with a camera didnt distract her from the goal.