Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Need some input Renee

Ive been working on these for a while to try and make them look right - im still not sure and when i asked matt he prefered the faces simpler with just the cheeks where as i am leaning towards the ones with the full face- even though they look a tad disapproving. These are two i did last night and ive doctored the second picture so that you can see what i mean by "with just the cheeks"

They are intended for cards and the one on yellow is mounted on a card but im trying to find a way to stop the glue buckleing and also get them right before i make up any more. I was also planning on putting bows under the chin to finish - like this one.

So let me know what you think - that is if you like them at all and if so which variation and any suggestions - will bring them to show you eventually but you know what thats like so thought i would make use of the blog considering i know no one else is reading it at this point.

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