Friday, 16 November 2007

60's, 70's, 80's

Wandered past the Children in Need sale at my work today and thought i might have a look and this is what i came accross!

A Jem Annual from 1988: Real blast from the past I used to love jem and flicking through the pictures it fightening to see her hair and clothes and think what a fashion nightmare the 1980s was - so fun and over the top.

Fuzzy Felt - looked it up and it was made in 1966 which probably accounts for the Gay costumes.

Not really sure what to do with either of these finds- I could make them into cards... but I would rather put them on something less disposable - maybe notebooks or something (Any ideas??)

And lastly a 1970s toy making book which has some really cute patterns in for me to have a go at.


Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Tutu to you

Been trying to think of something to make for a very pink little girl (another niece I seem to have quite a few) - when I say pink her bedroom has recently been redecorated with pink walls, carpet, curtains, bed covers and all other accessories - It looks like a fairy exploded!

So before she gets all grown up and changes her tastes to black with pictures of grungy boys I thought a tutu might be appropriate.

I got the idea from someone on flicker (if anyone is interested in making one) and as it was really easy im sure to make ill be knotting up a few more. Only problem is the netting I used is quite scratchy so I might put a bit of lining at least around the top but it’s only to play about in so not to worried. So ill be on the hunt this week for some pink tights and pink sparkly shoes to finish off the outfit.

Friday, 9 November 2007

Lagging behind

Well last night I finally got something done towards my Christmas presents.

Im feeling a bit stressed at the moment as im busy at work and I im also attending a professional qualification one night a week that I need to be studying for regularly and I just cant seem to muster the energy. I have an exam at the beginning of December that ends the first term and all I seem to know is how much I don’t know! The main problem is that I want to fill my spare time with things that I actually enjoy doing like sewing but I have committed to this horrid course and generally im feeling hard done by.

So last night instead of studying I spent my guilty time running up a little apron and dolls picnic blanket for my little niece. I found this little tea set in a local shop which I thought was really cute - I love anything that comes in some kind of basket. Since it was already lined with red gingham I thought that a little apron in the same fabric would be useful for a little person serving tea.

I found a couple of patterns online but neither were exactly what I wanted so I took bits from each (mostly just the measurements) and the rest I made up... but im seem to have created something that looks reasonably apronish! Its red fabric on the back as im not confidant enough to try bias binding yet. Cant really see it very well from the pictures but im lacking in a little person to try it on and the cats wouldnt sit still.

Anyway as im dreading this exam I probably won’t get much sewing done the rest of this month so is it possible to push Christmas back a bit.

Did have a fab charity shop find on my lunch break yesterday when I stumbled upon loads of vintage sheets - so that will keep me happy for a bit and add to my growing stock pile!

Thursday, 1 November 2007

Findings and Finishings

After my recent discoveries and the fact that I am drawn most days on a hunt round the local charity shops - I was starting to think that I would have to move cities to find shops that I haven’t turned upside down a few times to find material or some recyclable crafty things. But I should never underestimate the fact that people are getting rid of wonderful junk everyday and sometimes my obsession pays off.

Sooo yesterday a found a whole box of funky vintage buttons!

I don’t think I have been this excited about buying something for a long while. I know im sad but my mum used to have a huge jar of buttons that I could spend hours playing with. So much fun to sort through them for ages putting them into categories, colours and favourites. So now I have the start of my own collection.

Now I have to find something to do with them (so possibly everything I make from now on will feature a few buttons) but think I may just end up hording them and admiring them in secret.

And finally: I have finished my baby bonnets and partnered up with matching bunnies they are ready to go in the Christmas box.

Really pleased with how they turned out and hoping they go down well - they are the kind of babies who want for nothing which is obviously good but know you’re in trouble when a child turns one and you can’t think of anything it doesn’t already have. Well at least these are certainly unique!