Thursday, 1 November 2007

Findings and Finishings

After my recent discoveries and the fact that I am drawn most days on a hunt round the local charity shops - I was starting to think that I would have to move cities to find shops that I haven’t turned upside down a few times to find material or some recyclable crafty things. But I should never underestimate the fact that people are getting rid of wonderful junk everyday and sometimes my obsession pays off.

Sooo yesterday a found a whole box of funky vintage buttons!

I don’t think I have been this excited about buying something for a long while. I know im sad but my mum used to have a huge jar of buttons that I could spend hours playing with. So much fun to sort through them for ages putting them into categories, colours and favourites. So now I have the start of my own collection.

Now I have to find something to do with them (so possibly everything I make from now on will feature a few buttons) but think I may just end up hording them and admiring them in secret.

And finally: I have finished my baby bonnets and partnered up with matching bunnies they are ready to go in the Christmas box.

Really pleased with how they turned out and hoping they go down well - they are the kind of babies who want for nothing which is obviously good but know you’re in trouble when a child turns one and you can’t think of anything it doesn’t already have. Well at least these are certainly unique!


one wining wench said...

they will be the luckiest and cutest babies in town! =) cool buttons and like the look!

Angeleen said...

Absolutely smashing! All of it!

I inherited my Grandmother's button tin. Can't bear to actually use them as I couldn't stand to lose even one. In stead, I just visit the tin now and then and lovingly run my fingers through them.

Love the bunnies and bonnets! Nicely done. :)

joanie said...

Love the buttons! I know the feeling of exhiliration with such a find. I have tubs of them now, can't ever pass them up - I bring them to school and my class love sifting through and choosing their favourites, boys too! Lovely bonnets too : )