Friday, 9 November 2007

Lagging behind

Well last night I finally got something done towards my Christmas presents.

Im feeling a bit stressed at the moment as im busy at work and I im also attending a professional qualification one night a week that I need to be studying for regularly and I just cant seem to muster the energy. I have an exam at the beginning of December that ends the first term and all I seem to know is how much I don’t know! The main problem is that I want to fill my spare time with things that I actually enjoy doing like sewing but I have committed to this horrid course and generally im feeling hard done by.

So last night instead of studying I spent my guilty time running up a little apron and dolls picnic blanket for my little niece. I found this little tea set in a local shop which I thought was really cute - I love anything that comes in some kind of basket. Since it was already lined with red gingham I thought that a little apron in the same fabric would be useful for a little person serving tea.

I found a couple of patterns online but neither were exactly what I wanted so I took bits from each (mostly just the measurements) and the rest I made up... but im seem to have created something that looks reasonably apronish! Its red fabric on the back as im not confidant enough to try bias binding yet. Cant really see it very well from the pictures but im lacking in a little person to try it on and the cats wouldnt sit still.

Anyway as im dreading this exam I probably won’t get much sewing done the rest of this month so is it possible to push Christmas back a bit.

Did have a fab charity shop find on my lunch break yesterday when I stumbled upon loads of vintage sheets - so that will keep me happy for a bit and add to my growing stock pile!


Wendy said...

Wow, great job on the apron. Such a cute idea!

Angeleen said...

So very cute and such a thoughtful, fun gift.

Really wish I could sew.


dottycookie said...

Your niece is going to absolutely adore the gift - it definitely puts you in the running for the Best Aunty award! Good luck with the studying ...

one wining wench said...

So cute! =)

yes please to the scrabble! not sure if I can make it look as good-but I'll have a go! =D

Lesley said...

Beautiful apron and blanket - your niece is bound to love them and they look perfect with the tea set. I can see gallons of pretend tea being served!!
Good luck with the course and just think of all the sewing time once it's finished :o)

Gina said...

That apron is gorgeous... what a lovely gift that will be!