Thursday, 20 December 2007

Is its Christmas yet??

It’s my last afternoon at work until the New Year and im going to celebrate this fact by wasting some time on the internet.

Im starting to get that anticipatory feeling! It’s all cold and icy today and almost looked like snow this morning - look at the neighbour’s tree isn’t it prettyI’ve got the day off tomorrow to go shopping for all those last bits and for the awkward brother-in-laws who are impossible to buy for, Oh and to eat Sushi (very festive I know).

Really looking forward to a break from work I feel like I have been killing time for the last week and its definitely time for a holiday. AND - I finally managed to make something last night that wasn’t a disaster.

Wanted to bring in something to work as I have an aversion to Christmas cards. Especially work ones which involve more office politics than any other sentiment - just what I need - 20 pieces of card with people’s names written on them!

Christmas cards are a strange tradition and I do think it’s very nice when you don’t see people or want to keep in touch but bringing in a stack to work and expecting a stack to take back seems like a horrible waste of time and paper. I know im a horrible ungrateful girl but I hate all traditions that people follow without thinking about why and generally end up ruining them in the process.

So I made a batch of Nigellas Chocolate pistachio fudge and it’s gone down really well. Think I might be whipping up some more after Christmas to put in those stockings. Almost feel a bit of a cheat because its sooo easy to make.... but I won’t be telling anyone if you don't. Recipe is here if anyone wants to know and I highly recommend it as both an easy gift or just to indulge in over Christmas.

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Holiday grump

Along the lines of "If you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all" I have been avoiding this blog for a little while. Seems that there is some kind of conspiracy to keep me from completing the few simple Christmas crafts that I set myself. Mostly because I have been poorly for the last week, my job insists on having away days at random hotels and my boyfriend thinks that I would want to spend an evening going out to dinner with his horrible boss and family and lastly but most annoying the piles of ginger bread and coconut ice I made came out hard and unappealing.

So the only thing I have to show for myself is a gaggle of mini stockings that I was intending to make for my friends Christmassy get together in January but somehow managed to get roped into making them all for someone else’s friends Christmas party. Not sure how that happened as it was supposed to be a joint effort and I seemed to have pulled the short straw.

Anyway before they go I wanted to show off my little stockings which if I get some time I will be making another 20 of to give to all those friends I don’t buy presents for. They will eventually be filled with (edible) coconut ice and gingerbread and any other small and inexpensive Christmas goodies that I can think off. They are made from corduroy trousers that I had in the attic and ribbons and buttons from my stash so at least im doing my bit for recycling

Sorry about the state of the photos did I mention that my boyfriend was mugged two weeks ago and the nice camera was stolen - can I add that to the conspiracy theory.

So hopefully next time I blog things will be looking up and in the mean time im going to do my best to cheer up, get over this annoying cold and think about all the wonderful things I have to look forward to!!

Friday, 7 December 2007

Back to Life.

Well I managed to get through my exam!! and although im not really sure how I did, all that matters is that it’s over. I have felt like a martyr to marketing for the last few weeks which is my own fault as if I could make myself work over the whole term I wouldn’t have to spend so much time cramming before the exam.

But there we are, I don’t think I will ever learn from my own mistakes and I don’t get the result till February so I can sink back into my comfy denial until then. I hid my sewing machine away so that I wouldn’t be tempted so I haven’t made anything in ages but I still have lots of plans and as I don’t celebrate Christmas with my friends until the middle of January im not going to panic yet.

Bit in the midst of all this self sacrifice and studying I did manage to take a little holiday in Prague and go to see my most favourite comedian Bill Bailey on his Tinselworm tour so I really do have it hard :)

and a little clip from a old Bill Bailey show as all the ones from Tinselworm so far are terrible phone recordings. Enjoy.