Saturday, 25 August 2007


Wanted to show you what ive been working on last week. I adapted the pattern from one i found online as i didnt really know where to start with making soft toys but its very different from the origional cat pattern so im claiming it as my own now. The fabric is sheets found in a charity shop and i will keep my eyes peeled for more as its a cheap source of vintage fabric.
Im happest with the blue and purple ones and feel like i got the size and expressions best on them. Anyway just wanted to post them for comments or suggestions. They do look a little startled but im hoping it works - what you think?

Oh and these two think that sewing is great fun - im constantly having to retrieve my bits of felt or thread from the mouth of a kitten. Good thing they are cute.

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one wining wench said...

WOW! Love the Giraffes! Sooo cute! LOVE em. Start the factory line now! =)