Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Am I woman enough?

I read an article after reading Yarnstorms blog yesterday as i do most days because she is an amazing woman and i find her blog inspiring and generally a good laugh.

The article is here and written with some lovely Bile by a woman at the telegraph -- so see what you think!

I was upset by the whole tone and the attack it makes on a really amazing person and also on how that relates to me and the things that i really enjoy doing in my spare time. I consider myself fairly intellegent and i work hard for a living but why are the things i like to do as a hobby considered somehow (in this articles opinion) degrading to me as a woman.

I feel in life that it is the effort people put into things that is the most special part - if someone makes me a gift or even a meal something they have created with their time and effort i know that i am truely loved. Not to say i dont like being bought things - as i do! I havnt commented myself but the hundreds of women who have commented on the article and on the blog of the woman who wrote it certainly share my feelings.


dottycookie said...

I did comment on her blog - I was absolutely stunned to read that piece, as even though it was directed at Jane, it did feel like a very personal attack on all of us who appreciate the domestic arts. I have a PhD for crying out loud - I just choose to fill my spare time with sewing and baking. And why on earth shouldn't I?

I suspect I'm preaching to the converted here though ;-)

Wendy said...

She's just jealous.

Hee hee.

Although, I believe there is all sorts of pressure for women to be more and do more. I'd hate for anyone reading my blog to feel that way. That's why I talk about all my screw ups (the Don't Do What Donnie Don't Does label).

The good thing about the crafty blogs is that there's SO MUCH out there, that there's no way you could do everything, so you can just get inspired and try what you want.

And I commented on that article- told them that women being domestically pressured should have married better men. I bought mine a Kitchen Aid mixer for Christmas and he loved it.