Saturday, 13 October 2007

First attempts

This year I am determined to be organised about Christmas. I started buying presents when I saw things on sale or something perfect months ago and im actually feeling quite pleased with myself. I have a huge sack filled with mostly toys so at some point I get Santa status. There must be something good in there considering the interest from the cats.

See the problem is that last year I had three Christmases rushing from my boyfriend’s family to mine and then back home for our January friends Christmas. I enjoyed all of them but what with buying presents for everyone, and the extortionate price of travel I ended up back into my overdraft which I have diligently cleared since I finished my degree.

I love matt’s family but his sister now has six children with four of them being two sets of twins all under three, who also have birthdays in January. So without seeming like a miser it can get very expensive.

I actually found it really hard buying things early as switching my brain on to think about Christmas seemed really wrong before it even got cold. I hate seeing Christmas stuff in shops to early so I had to really force myself. Anyway im on track for an easy Christmas so far.

So my other goal is to try and make things for my friends this year. For the last few years we have had all our close friends round in January for a big Christmassy meal and exchange gifts and drink lots of mulled wine. Because everyone scatters across the country to families for the Christmas holidays I think it’s important we try to get together rather than handing over the odd gift in passing or at the pub. So now I need to start getting sorted about what I want to make to give to people and who will appreciate what.

My fall back for the more difficult people is any kind of food so jams and sweets, cookies are high on the list. So last night I had a trial run at making some lemon curd - because it will only keep for 6 weeks I can’t make loads now but I wanted to see if it was possible. It was quite straightforward and easier than jam but I did manage to grate my knuckle and scald my hand quite badly on the hot jam jars. Always hurt myself when im cooking I wonder if that’s a sign. It turned out really nice but a little bit to sweet so ill feel much more confidant about the next batch.

So happy well organised, stress free Christmas to you all - know thats a bit of a joke but heres hoping.


one wining wench said...

your much more organised than me, your curd looks delicious! Can't wait to try some!!

dottycookie said...

Wow, good for you Elora! I need to get my act together now - and I also need to get a parcel in the post to you! I am hoping to have the energy to pack it up tonight - should have been last night but I was recovering from Tiny Small's birthday party ...