Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Secret finds

We have the greatest charity shop near me - approriately named (well at least by the people i know) the "secret charity shop" because the secret has been handed down by generations of my friends and you would have to be taken there to know where it is.

Anyway i have found many wonderful things at the secret charity shop which now adorn my little flat. Its run by an indian charity so its full of piles of saris and scarfs and giant pictures of the sikh gurus. You need plenty of time and a good head for rummaging but i always come away with some thing cool so i thought i would share with you a few bits from last weekend.

Found these funky vintage bowls that i think i will use for keeping sewing stuff in as im already overflowing with bowls. Behind the bowls is loads of green fabric with little flowers and strawberries on that was brand new so need to think of something to do with it - maybe a green rattling bunny since im on a roll.
Also got some wine glasses that match the set I keep breaking and some large spools of thread in different colours so all in all very pleased with myself.

And to make my week even better i wandered into town on my lunch break and there was a farmers market/craft fair going on. Very surprised to find out this was a regular occurance and no one had told me - (obviously a secret craft fair that goes on every month with out my knowledge) but got over the shock and bought a jute shopping bag to celebrate.

And last but not least i have discovered the joy of ginger curd which is soooo yum. Bought some for a friend as a thankyou for babysitting the cats and almost didnt give it to him - so very pleased to find some on the market.

And it seems that 8 out of 10 cats prefer ginger curd... but dont worry he wont get any as its all mine!


dottycookie said...

Oh, those bowls look just like some my mum had when we were little!

I've not tried ginger curd. It sounds gorgeous though ... I wonder if there's a recipe somewhere? Hmmmm.

one wining wench said...

love the secret charity shop as always! =)

Cool jute bag!

and never tried ginger curd, does it go with jellied eels? =D