Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Happy birthday to me!

I am twenty seven on Friday! I have now stumbled into my late twenties and other than getting older im looking forward to a good and rather busy year. I decided to take control of my birthday this year as I wanted to do something that I would really enjoy without the stress of inviting every acquaintance to my house or pub and being disappointed when they either don’t show up or they do and I have to clean up after them. That makes me sound really old I know but then that’s the point!

So this year me and my lovely man are taking a little trip to Stratford, spending a night in a nice hotel and going to see Twelfth night. When I was a student I used to go regularly and get the cheap standing tickets but now that I am grown I will be sitting in the middle of the stalls! Yea im really excited.

Then to make it a perfect weekend on Saturday my favourite girlys are coming round for a sleepover complete with Pizza, Ice cream and copious amounts of wine. So heres to a great birthday weekend!

Oh and just to add to my excitement I bought myself a really great bracelet made from old typewriter keys I found on Etsy. Really loved it and as it is my birthday I didn’t even need to think up another excuse for treating myself.

Hope she doesn’t mind me stealing the picture but if you wanted to know the original is here


one wining wench said...

YAY! and one happy happy birthday it will be! Can't wait!

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday!
The Empty Nest

Wendy said...

Oh, Happy Birthday! It is nice to grow up, huh? Sometimes it's easy to forget the perks that come with age.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!

joanie said...

Happy birthday Elora,

and thanks for your lovely comments regarding my blog! My birthday was the day after yours - though I've passed my 27th year. Hope you enjoyed your day : )

Angeleen said...

Ohhhh my...

That typewriter key bracelet is just luscious!

Happy (belated) Birthday to YOU for sure!

Hmmmmm... can I even remember 27? It's such a long, loooooong time ago...