Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Work in progress

Well ive been trying to think of something to do with a whole pile of old girls comics i saved from the local charity shop - Im still open to suggestions!!

They range from the seventys onwards and have descriptive names like Sally, Penelope and Trudy. So last night i spent some time sticking them to cards and making envelopes to match.
Feel slightly evil cutting up books especially vintage ones but these were mostly taken from the one that had been lovingly scribbled on by its previous owner so that made me feel better.
Think im going to try photocopying pages to make the envelopes now as the paper is a little worn and yellowed plus it means an everlastling source that way.
The cards are only small (not sure you can tell from the picture) but im quite pleased with the result. Thinking i could replicate this with book marks or ever journal covers - what do you think?

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one wining wench said...

they are soooo cool. love them and want to purchase them asap!