Thursday, 13 September 2007


Well i had intended to post about some of my new finds and finished projects and i diligently took pictures last night to bring into my work computer. But unfortunately i couldnt find the card reader and therefore the pictures are locked inside a small chip with no way of releasing
them :( But as i was so excited im determined to write something.

So on my last trip to the secret charity shop to get some cord fabric to make some floor cushions I found the most amazing Rainbow Brite quilt cover. Felt like six years old in the charity shop thinking i have to have this -- even if i never use it and cant think of anything to make from it. Its Rainbow Brite!!

Thinking i might make tote bags or something but really have no idea at the moment i just like to look at it. Also got some aweful seventys curtains and some cool blue glasses (which i proceeded to break as soon as i got in the house) Anyway just wanted to share my joy!

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one wining wench said...

Can't wait to see em! love Rainbow-memories! x