Friday, 16 November 2007

60's, 70's, 80's

Wandered past the Children in Need sale at my work today and thought i might have a look and this is what i came accross!

A Jem Annual from 1988: Real blast from the past I used to love jem and flicking through the pictures it fightening to see her hair and clothes and think what a fashion nightmare the 1980s was - so fun and over the top.

Fuzzy Felt - looked it up and it was made in 1966 which probably accounts for the Gay costumes.

Not really sure what to do with either of these finds- I could make them into cards... but I would rather put them on something less disposable - maybe notebooks or something (Any ideas??)

And lastly a 1970s toy making book which has some really cute patterns in for me to have a go at.



one wining wench said...

oh its so fun! =) Think maybe something more like badges or pictures out of the felts? very jealous. =)

one wining wench said...

miss you! hope you will return soon!