Thursday, 20 December 2007

Is its Christmas yet??

It’s my last afternoon at work until the New Year and im going to celebrate this fact by wasting some time on the internet.

Im starting to get that anticipatory feeling! It’s all cold and icy today and almost looked like snow this morning - look at the neighbour’s tree isn’t it prettyI’ve got the day off tomorrow to go shopping for all those last bits and for the awkward brother-in-laws who are impossible to buy for, Oh and to eat Sushi (very festive I know).

Really looking forward to a break from work I feel like I have been killing time for the last week and its definitely time for a holiday. AND - I finally managed to make something last night that wasn’t a disaster.

Wanted to bring in something to work as I have an aversion to Christmas cards. Especially work ones which involve more office politics than any other sentiment - just what I need - 20 pieces of card with people’s names written on them!

Christmas cards are a strange tradition and I do think it’s very nice when you don’t see people or want to keep in touch but bringing in a stack to work and expecting a stack to take back seems like a horrible waste of time and paper. I know im a horrible ungrateful girl but I hate all traditions that people follow without thinking about why and generally end up ruining them in the process.

So I made a batch of Nigellas Chocolate pistachio fudge and it’s gone down really well. Think I might be whipping up some more after Christmas to put in those stockings. Almost feel a bit of a cheat because its sooo easy to make.... but I won’t be telling anyone if you don't. Recipe is here if anyone wants to know and I highly recommend it as both an easy gift or just to indulge in over Christmas.


one wining wench said...

aaawwww the tree looks stunning! and your fudge looks amazing! Hope your saving some for friends christmas! x

dottycookie said...

Isn't that fudge fab? I know what you mean about office cards - and to be honest after we've taken them to the pub and bought champagne and food for the last day of work I didn't feel much like doling out Christmas cards too. I love them all dearly but - really!

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