Friday, 7 December 2007

Back to Life.

Well I managed to get through my exam!! and although im not really sure how I did, all that matters is that it’s over. I have felt like a martyr to marketing for the last few weeks which is my own fault as if I could make myself work over the whole term I wouldn’t have to spend so much time cramming before the exam.

But there we are, I don’t think I will ever learn from my own mistakes and I don’t get the result till February so I can sink back into my comfy denial until then. I hid my sewing machine away so that I wouldn’t be tempted so I haven’t made anything in ages but I still have lots of plans and as I don’t celebrate Christmas with my friends until the middle of January im not going to panic yet.

Bit in the midst of all this self sacrifice and studying I did manage to take a little holiday in Prague and go to see my most favourite comedian Bill Bailey on his Tinselworm tour so I really do have it hard :)

and a little clip from a old Bill Bailey show as all the ones from Tinselworm so far are terrible phone recordings. Enjoy.


one wining wench said...

YAY! Welcom Back! =) Cute picture in Prague. So pretty. And love Ol'Bill! Very funny as ever.

Lesley said...

Welcome back to blogland!!! Well done on getting through the exam. I could never get down to studying until faced with a rapidly advancing deadline. Housework is my current version of exams - I'll find a million other things to do until it becomes so bad I have to give in!!!

dottycookie said...

I'm with you on leaving things till the last minute - whether it be exams, or work, or making gifts or getting ready for Christmas ... I have great plans, but I never follow through!

Prague looks lovely and Bill Bailey too? You lucky thing!