Thursday, 26 July 2007

Inspiration around my life

Well as this is my first attempt and i cant take pictures of the things i have actually made yet i want to post a few things that i love and that inspire me to try my hand at being a crafty person

Firstly it has to be Tiger balm the wonderful panacea for all ills. I love the colours and designs of chinese (well think its actually singaporean) medincine packaging - nothing makes medicine more appealing than a leaping tiger. Acutally i have recently descovered that i have been using an imitation brand called Wild tiger balm (you could understand how you could mistake the two)

But wild tiger balm still goes all out on its packaging and i can get four little tubs for a pound so i have decided to let it go. I keep finding myself peering through the window of Chinese herbal medicine shops in search of new interesting packaging but as of yet im a bit to practical to buy something just for the box.

Next has to be hindu gods in all their many armed glory. I love this line drawing of Ganesh and im still trying to find away to work it into something i make. Again with pictures of Hindu Gods its something about the vibrant colours and costumes - some gods are portrayed as blue or green and why not if your god why should be constrained by human skin color.

The last thing of inspiration has to be something old (since ive already covered new and blue). I love trapseing round charity shops and finding vintage clothing or anything old and shiny really. Any new place is usually judged by the quality of its charity shops - and i have to say loughbourgh is now high on the list after i got the most beautiful seventies wedding dress there two summers ago. So to leave on a sunny note with high hopes for the weekend - and to remind me to dig out the bag of kool aid in the cupboard for my bbq heres an advert i found on Plan I was very tempted to order this for our new living room but found something a bit more local in the end.

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one wining wench said...

wow! love it! and love the kool aid ad, looks very appealing!! yum yum!